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Application process within 5 business days, once all required documents are received

Yes, Joint ownership is permissible once all criteria are met. Should you apply for joint ownership and be approved, you would not be qualified for an additional home.

Yes. Once you meet the requirements, all gainfully employed person can make an application.

No, Our housing packages are reserved for Bahamians only.

No, because the subdivisions are zoned.


Not through the Department of Housing.

The down payment is 5% or depending on the Institutions


We are building homes throughout the Bahamas. Our first phase is in the New Providence, The Carmichael Village Subdivision. Visit our web page at www.mothbahamas.com to stay updated on new and existing developments.

Email dohcustomerservice@bahamas.gov.bs for inquiries or call 242-302-5800.

The purchase cost varies based on your selection. Once you select a model and an area, our housing officer will sit with you guiding you through the entire process and provide valuable information like the cost of your new house.Remember it’s Affordable Homes.

Yes, as this is your first home you would qualify for the “First time homeowners’ exemption” benefits and Real Property Tax exemption for an additional five (5) years. Should the value of your property after the five (5) years remain under 250K, you continue to enjoy “Owner Occupies” exemption and pay no Real Property Tax.
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Please learn more about our Housing Act and Housing Regulations, which has been given below.

Housing Act
Housing Regulations
Charlotte House, Charlotte Street, P.O.Box N275 Nassau, N.P.,The Bahamas
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