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The Bahamas Post Office is committed to providing high-quality postal service to all Bahamians. Its enthusiastic, professional staff will maintain a progressive organization through a commitment to high levels of customer satisfaction.


The mission of the Bahamas Post Office is to work together to be recognized and respected for its timely collection and transmittal of postal products from and for Bahamian and international consumers, including businesses and other organizations. It is to become a fully featured market-oriented and profitable business that meets the customers' communications, advertising, and physical distributional needs.


The objectives of the Bahamas Post Office are as follows:

  1. Maintain a superior knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and thereby market competitive and accessible products and services;
  2. Maintain a quality serviced policy;
  3. Ensure effective interconnection with the international postal network;
  4. Adopt cost control policies and measures to improve efficiency;
  5. Sustain a higher level of productivity in the workplace;
  6. Secure administrative and financial management independence from the public service bureaucracy;
  7. Encourage employees to optimize their individual and collective contribution as members of the customer-oriented enterprise;
  8. Continue to develop strategies in the Family Islands as well as New Providence;
  9. Promote the ongoing development of human resources through training designed for adaption to commercial function;
  10. Maintain a management approach that emphasizes teamwork and staff motivation;
  11. Anticipate and satisfy the requirements of our customers for excellent communication, distribution, financial, and other agency services;
  12. Earn national confidence as a responsible provider of a key part of our country’s social and commercial infrastructure;
  13. Ensure a positive working environment n which all of our employees can find joy and satisfaction, take pride in our organization, and feel that their views are valued; and
  14. Foster innovative product development including e-commerce service offerings, with the use of advanced technology and efficient working practice to give customers better value for money, than can be obtained anywhere else.

Charlotte House, Charlotte Street, P.O.Box N275 Nassau, N.P.,The Bahamas
302-5800, 302-5822

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